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Chateau de Pierry the 22 th April 2017
Reserved for professionals

Discover the multiple facets of Champagne and champagne over Chateau de Pierry the 22 th April 2017 with our tastings of clear wines from the 2017 harvest.

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…To the origins of Champagne terroirs. Meet with talented producers, discover and share their passion for champagne. The Champagne region has the unique particularity of bringing together in a single appellation a multitude of styles, terroirs, women and men who all work towards a common goal: the excellence of wines from Champagne. When these producers meet to exchange ideas, taste their wines together and share their own experiences, quality can only become even greater.

This is how our group Origines Champagne was born. All that remains is for you to discover or rediscover this grouping of talented champagne producers.

We look forward to a successful tasting with you!

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The official web page is open now…

The official web page is open now where you can acces the calendar as well as the registration’s links: www.printemps-des-champagnes.com